Donna Bell Enjoyment Employment

April 4, 2018 577 No Comments

We read a lot about job creation these days online and in the papers, and we think society should take a hint from people’s sexual fantasies to envision new professions for the world’s burgeoning populace.

Case in point, we bet there would be many takers for the position of “Glory Hole Guy” at a women’s sauna, where lovely ladies like Donna could take the edge off the solitude of being there alone by uncovering an opening in the wall and finding a ready shaft of goodness for her hand and mouth to enjoy. What chap wouldn’t like a job like this, sticking one’s big dick (even if anonymously) into delectable feminine lips hungering for some ‘gasm gristle. To stand behind a wall and feel the pretty lips engulfing one’s rod, tugging on it, caressing it, and finally pulling out a big spurt on a warm tongue and soft chin? That’s a job to envy!! Check out these sexy blowjob pics and decide if this is a position YOU might enjoy! We know we would!!

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